The Exit Isn't Far Away

Last week, I survived another brain MRI. I've become an old hat at this! I have now been in 4 of the cities 5 (or 6) public MRI machines - and I've got to say, the machine last week rocked! The image below is of the Siemens 3T new best friend. It is shorter than a "standard" machine (but still longer than a CT machine and a smaller opening) and it has a 27" opening (compared with the typical 24"). This means that only the part of the body being scanned is at the center of the "tube" - and even for my 5'1" frame, half of my body was still on the outside!
It made different sounds than the "old" machine - it wasn't as rhythmic, and therefore not as distracting and entertaining.  I still had to have earplugs, and a head cage, and a cloth over my eyes, and no one talked to me in between scans...but it was a good experience. Maybe in a few years Winnipeg will have a MRI machine like the one below...but I won't need it.


Little bits about my life with MS

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